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Why I love that winning feeling

Zeb Farooq likes to win. His humble background growing up in inner-city Manchester gave him the personal motivation to succeed and to inspire others.

As a bid manager within the nuclear team, he has found his vocation and loves winning work for Wood.

His career has been varied and shows how the strategy and development function can offer rewarding opportunities for people with a variety of professional backgrounds.

Zeb recalls: “After gaining a first-class degree and master’s in mathematics, I joined the business in 2008 and spent six years as a thermal hydraulic consultant and project manager.  I was looking for an opportunity to work in the Middle East and ended up helping put a bid together.“

“I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, what the team did or how they did it. It was a real baptism of fire but I have loved it ever since; it really plays to my character and personality. I relish the intensity and the competitive nature of bidding for work.”

Gaining new contracts is the lifeblood of any successful business and at the heart of this is the bidding process. Zeb assembles and leads proposals teams to win new contracts.

“I am very proud of my role”, Zeb says.  “We’re on the front line, working on our existing contracts and growing into new and exciting markets. In Nuclear, the work we do here keeps the lights on at night, keeps our homes warm and defends the borders of this great nation. It’s hugely rewarding to be part of that.”

One of Zeb’s career highlights was being part of the winning team to coordinate the construction of the world’s largest experimental fusion reactor, a £20bn multinational global energy project.

Working with colleagues in other areas of Wood has already opened up new opportunities including another major win in nuclear decommissioning in collaboration with automation & control.

“I suppose I’m attracted to bidding for the sheer thrill of the chase! But beyond this I love being part of a winning team. It spurs me on to become better at what I do because I am surrounded by leaders. The team spirit here is unbreakable. When I look at my team I know they are ready to support and go the distance, because they know I’ll do exactly the same for them.”